Monarch butterflies vs. Dow Chemical

The Monarch Butterfly that was once so common is now in jeopardy of surviving. The population has been declining over the past several years and last year alone dropped another 30 percent. The loss of common milkweed, which is food and a host plant, is the main cause plus the destruction of wintering grounds in Mexico.

President Trump and Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have reduced restrictions on the use of herbicides. This now allows Dow Chemical to market their new product called “Enlist Duo” which is now approved for wide spread agricultural use.

Enlist Duo is made from two toxic chemicals, glyphosate, which will cause widespread destruction of milkweed and probable human carcinogen. The second chemical is known as 2, 4-D, an old school herbicide that has been linked to cancer as well as birth defects and thyroid disorders.

The EPA was established in 1970 by President Nixon for the purpose of protecting public health and the environment. Now 47 years later, President Trump and Scott Pruitt are dismantling it all for their own interests in big money. I can only assume that is the President’s definition of “draining the swamp.” He might as well change the name of the agency from the EPA to the EDA (Environmental Destruction Agency.) His definition of “Making America Great Again” is quite different than mine.

Ron Beach