This is the story

There is a knock at your door, no wait a minute, you have no door, you come into your living room and there is a young man.

You ask what are you doing in my home. He replies in broken English that he is moving in and furthermore you will have to feed and cloth him and educate him and he will not be learning your language.

He also wants his medical and dental problems taken care of.

He adds that he is also bringing his family and friends and you may not do any type of background check on anybody and above all do not question as to why they are going to live in your home, just pay the bill. It doesn’t matter that your home is mortgaged to the hilt and you can’t afford to pay your own bills.

He and his friends insist that you take out another loan to pay for their comfort. Don’t worry about it, he says, Your children and grandchildren can pay, and those older folks don’t have to retire, they’ll just waste that social security money and then die anyway.

This is just a story, but one that a whole flock of liberals seem to think is OK. So to all my liberal friends out there, please leave your doors open, or better yet, take them off and don’t call the cops when all you have worked for is taken from you.

Kenneth Berninger


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom