Another heroin death

Looking at face book this evening I found a picture of a young man laying on the floor. County Coroner Chuck Kiessling put it on Facebook after asking him self if he should do that. And he should do what he did to let people know the reality of how many deaths there are from over dosing on heroin and other drugs.

We need to thank the County Corner for caring enough to let people know just what is happening. This must be a hard ship for him to have to view all these senseless deaths.

The young man was only 22 years old. How sad for his family and friends losing him at such a young age. He will never have his life back and his family will have to deal with the loss.

I know I talk a lot about Neighborhood Watches but we need to find out if DEALERS are in our neighborhoods and just how we go about reporting to the authorities our suspicions and fears.

My feeling is that more of these pictures should be shown and maybe this information will go out to the people that are taking these drugs. Not only think about yourself but the family that has to be hurt by losing a son or daughter.

If we all work harder to check out our neighborhood to make sure there is no dealers and hopefully we can try to get Heroin off our streets once and for all.

We also need to think about all the kids that in a few weeks will be going back to school that they are not confronted from a drug dealer.

Sally Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom