Liberty Elementary School presents awards

Awards were presented to sixth grade students at Liberty Elementary School during their graduation and awards ceremonies in June.

The following are a list of the awards and the students who received them:

Presidential Academic Achievement awards for students with a GPA of 95 percent or better – Courtney Bower, Emily Clark, Dalton Graham, Elsie Kelly, Camryn Moyer, Anna Paulhamus, Alexandra Schmouder and Gracie Snyder.

Subject Awards – Courtney Bower, distrist spelling bee; Brittany Sponenberg, library; Gracie Snyder and Lijah Sheddy, physical education; Courtney Bower and Emily Clark, art; Emily Clark and Lijah Sheddy, vocal music; Courtney Bower, instrumental music; Gracie Snyder, Tyler Andrews, Olivia Agnoni and Travis Zeafla, LAPAT citizenship; and Dalton Graham, principal’s award.

Perfect Attendance – Hunter Broughton, Luke Kreger, Emily Kreger and Hayley Ridge.

Flag Bearers – Dalton Graham and Travis Zeafla.

Crossing Guards – Dakota Colley, Brooke Russell, Elsie Kelly and Bryce O’Conners.

Student Council – Tyler Andrews, Emily Clark, Camryn Moyer, Anna Paulhamus, Lijah Sheddy and Brittany Sponenberg.