Schick Elementary holds ‘Sci-Fi Saturday’ event

Schick Elementary School in Loyalsock Township held its first “Sci-Fi Saturday” event on March 22. The event, coordinated by parent teacher organization member Betty O’Brien, was organized to give students and their families a fun experience learning science through hands-on activities. More than 150 students were in attendance at the event.

Students first picked up an adventure log and carried them with them while visiting six science adventure tables. Each table required it to make observations and predictions about what they were experiencing. The adventure tables included: “Extracting DNA from a strawberry, will it float or will it sink?,” “Pesky germs are everywhere!,” “Can you make your own snow?,” “Super bouncing bubbles and is it milk or is it art?”

Volunteers guided students through the adventures at the tables. In addition, many AP biology students from the Loyalsock Township High School, following direction from their teacher, Kindra Brelsford, were present to lead students in extracting DNA from a strawberry.

The event also featured science demonstration shows by Andy Beare, a parent volunteer, and his friend, Kevin Harris. Students were fascinated as they observed several experiments including “elephant’s toothpaste,” an exothermic reaction between common household objects. Each demonstration ended with the crowd exiting the building to view a rocket launch.

Students also were given the opportunity to enter a photo booth to take pictures with their friends.