Landlords, tenants

A good number of people in the Williamsport Area can’t afford to buy homes and they need to rely on renting houses or apartments for themselves and family.

It is unfortunate that they have to depend on landlords. Some landlords are good with repairs and codes issues but some don’t take care of these issues. It is no secret that heroin and drug problems are at an all time high in the Williamsport and surrounding areas. It is not the mayor or codes fault but it is the Landlords.

We have entered into 2014 and with that date the New Ordinance for Proprieties that City Officials have put into effect are now working. This new Ordinance will make landlords accountable for their proprieties. It is unfortunate that some landlords are not living up to codes issues.

Landlords know the codes issues and why were they not taken care of and been inspected by codes. As landlords it is their responsibilities to make sure these codes issues are addressed before renting a property.

When houses are closed it is difficult and not fare to tenants who now have to move and have no place to go to. When a property is inspected and have passed the inspection the Codes Department issues an Inspection Certificate and before renting a property it is the persons renting the property right to ask to see the Inspection Certificate.

Sally L Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom