City man held in shooting in Montoursville

Billy W. Golden, an alleged drug dealer from the city, was held Monday for further court action as the result of a shooting that took place in Montoursville in May.

“We would always drive ‘Bang’ and ‘Neech’ to Philly,” said Chad Stutzman, 35, an admitted heroin addict from Montoursville who testified Monday at the preliminary hearing of a Williamsport man accused of shooting at him.

Six days before the shooting that took place about noon May 28 at 324 Jordan Ave. in Montoursville, Stutzman said he took Golden, 23, of 815 Elmira St., and Donte Jamal Jones, 22, of Colwyn, also known as “Bang,” to Philadelphia to get heroin.

Instead of the three returning to Williamsport in the same car, Stutzman said he ripped them off, leaving them in Philadelphia, and drove back to his apartment with what he later discovered were “several bricks of heroin (50 bags per brick)” and two handguns in his car trunk.

Witness Felicia Weinhardt also testified at the hearing. She said earlier on the morning of the day of the shooting she had provided Jones with Stutzman’s address in exchange for four packets of heroin.

Trooper Tyson Havens testified that shots were fired at the apartment using a 9 mm handgun and .380 caliber pistol based on evidence of shell casings.

Attorney Julian Allatt, of the county public defenders’ office, argued that nobody can, with any certainty, identify his client as being one of the two shooters.

The shooters had covered their faces, but Stutzman said he could tell who they were based on their mannerisms, height and weight, according to Aaron Biichle, a county assistant district attorney.

“Revenge was the main motivation for this shooting,” Biichle said.

Police allege the two gunmen forced their way into Stutzman’s first-floor apartment by kicking in the back door and fired “three shots at close range” at him.

An elderly woman, Joan Chandlee, was sleeping on a couch and one of two rounds traveled over the top of her with glass fragments landing on her.

Three shell casings were found in the kitchen-dining room of the apartment. Three bullet holes were found in the front door. Two additional bullet holes also were discovered.

In addition to attempted homicide, Golden was held on charges of conspiracy, conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm into an occupied structure, firearms not to be carried without a license, conspiracy to deliver or possess heroin, conspiracy related to possession of controlled substances, conspiracy to commit simple assault, conspiracy to cause recklessly endangerment to another person and possession of a firearm.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 30 before a judge in Lycoming County to be determined. Jones also is awaiting a similar court appearance, Biichle said.