Mansfield University honors veterans

MANSFIELD – Mansfield University marked Veterans Day with an appreciation luncheon for all students, faculty and staff who are serving or have served in the U.S. military.

MU President Fran Hendricks, who retired after 33 years as a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force to return to his alma mater this year, told the gathering, “We owe so much to our veterans and it’s a debt we can never truly repay. Their stories are the stories of our history because America rose to greatness on the shoulders of their service and their sacrifice. We owe them our very way of life, our freedom to live, work and raise our families as we please.”

Hendricks cited examples of veterans’ contributions and leadership throughout U.S. history up to present day and thanked and honored them all for their service.

“It is my contention that American’s next great generation is among us now,” he said. “They serve as volunteers in the defense of our nation, putting service before self. They’ve proven their mettle under fire. I’ve seen them firsthand and they are an impressive group.”

A new veterans organization, advised by Joshua Battin, assistant professor of criminal justice, and Dusty Zeyn, associate director of residence life, both veterans, is being formed at MU.

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