What I’m Listening to…


Tame Impala, a five-piece band from Australia, is a refreshing re-incarnation of ’60s and ’70s psychadelic rock music. When listening, even if you weren’t old enough to have experienced the magnificence that was the ’60s and ’70s eras, you’ll still somehow feel nostalgic for that particular time period through the free flowing soundwaves that cohere all of their songs. Although, there is still something that sets them apart as an extraordinary, modern group, very different from much of what’s out there.

The rhythmic, light-hearted sounds coincide well with the introduction to beautiful spring weather and progression into the heat of summer. Windows down, wind blowing through your hair, tracks like “Apocalypse Dreams” will make you feel like you’re in a dream.

The videos that accompany their songs reinforce the 1960s and ’70s associations with intricate artwork and color combinations.

“Lonerism” is their most recent album to check out. The full album is available for free listening on Spotify.