Q&A with Kill Scheme

NORTHUMBERLAND – Kill Scheme, a band that has been storming Central Pennsylvania for some time now, will perform at Daddy McFatty’s, 95 Queen St., 10 p.m. Friday.

Coming together due to a collective love of music, Kill Scheme is a rock and metal band made up of accomplished and seasoned musicians.

The Sun-Gazette recently caught up with Luke Shellenberger, guitar and vocals, to chat about musical inspirations, what the crowd at Daddy McFatty’s is in store for and what he’s hiding in his music collection.

BETHANY WIEGAND: So who is in Kill Scheme and what role do they play in the band?

KILL SCHEME: Kill Scheme is Bill Dunkelberger (lead vocals), Luke Shellenberger (guitar, vocals), Harry Kerstetter (guitar, vocals), Nate Longenderfer (bass), and Shawn Hoffer (drums).

BW: How did you all meet? How long have you been together?

LUKE SHELLENBERGER: Bill, Harry and Shawn grew up close to each other and had similar interests throughout the years, actually Harry and Shawn were in a band together some years back. Nate and I were in another local band a few years ago and had heard of this project that Bill wanted to put together for local musicians. Basically, what he wanted to do was to put an original disc together of only local artists and release it, but as time passed there were only a few of us that really showed interest. Harry then contacted Shawn about trying out for a band and everything just fell into place. We’ve been together as a complete band for about a year, we’ve been playing out for around seven months.

BW: What’s the musical background of the band, have all you always been musicians?

LS: We’ve all been in the scene for quite some time now – whether it was with other bands or projects. Funny thing is a few of the members actually switched up positions for Kill Scheme. Bill Dunkelberger was a bass player for the band Faith Until Falling and Nate Longenderfer was a guitar player for Trinity’s Ruin before joining. So, to answer your question, we all have a vast musical background between what we’ve done in the past.

We all dabble with a few different instruments as well which makes this whole process a lot easier. Harry plays guitar and piano, Bill again is at lead vocals but plays bass and drums. Luke plays guitar and drums. Nate at bass and guitar and Shawn at drums also plays guitar. We all see the whole spectrum when it comes to playing, and this especially helps when it comes to original writing.

BW: What’s the most embarrassing album in your music collection? Be honest!

LS: The most embarrassing album in my collection would have to be Bryan Adams’ greatest hits. When you’re in a band named Kill Scheme and you’re playing the style of music we play, honestly the rest of the guys would probably make fun of me for even owning that, but it’s what I grew up on and it’s a fantastic album.

BW: You’re stuck on a desert island. What are three things you hope you have with you?

LS: I am going to try and answer this for all of us, I’d have to say an acoustic guitar, a CD player and an endless supply of Miller Light.

BW: What is your favorite part of a live performance?

LS: Crowd interaction and being in front of people that appreciate what we’re doing is our favorite part of live performances. There’s nothing like the rush it gives us to be playing for not only our friends and followers but for people that may be there for the very first time that’s what live shows are all about.

BW: What type of musical inspirations do you as a band draw from?

LS: There are many things that inspire the music we write and cover. If you are talking what type of bands inspired us there are too many to mention: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Thin Lizzy, Avenged Sevenfold, we could each probably give you 100 bands.

BW: Where do you get lyrical inspiration from?

LS: Lyrical inspiration really comes from the day-to-day grind of life. Whether it’s a bad day or good day, anything can be turned into a lyric. And a lot of it comes from how the music is styled. We typically write the lyrics into the music, so the feeling is really pulled from the song structure.

BW: Has anything crazy ever happened at a performance that was memorable to you?

LS: At this point, we haven’t had anything too ridiculous happen, although I must say it was pretty crazy that our sixth show together was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia.

That experience in itself was something that most people don’t get to do in a lifetime and we were there after a couple months of being together. It shows that hard work and dedication is what makes moves in this business!

BW: What can the audience at Daddy McFatty’s expect from your performance?

LS: The audience can expect a high intensity fast moving show. We try to manipulate our live performances to seem as though people are at a rock concert, and we always push for the unexpected!

For more information on Kill Scheme, visit their Facebook at www.facebook.com/killscheme.