Student Spotlight — Alex Levan

Alex Levan, senior, has a rather unique schedule. He spends the first half of his day on campus, then leaves campus to go to work at Van Campen in the afternoon.

This opportunity to work half days is one of the many benefits the CTE program has afforded him. His instructor, Mr. Dixon, in conjunction with the district’s School-to-Work program, has arranged for Levan to spend half of his school day getting real world work experience in the field since he already has acquired enough credits to graduate.

While he is on campus, Alex takes his level three automotive class – the last course in the automotive program. In completing the automotive classes, students take the Automotive Service Excellence test (ASE’s), which tests students in areas of brakes, electricity and electronics, steering and suspension and engine performance, all of which Levan has taken.

He also took a state safety and emission inspection test. This extensive program helps prepare students to either go straight into the workforce, or have an edge over other students when attending college.

Students from surrounding high schools also come to Williamsport to take advantage of the technical education programs.

These classes and teachers work to help students find what it is they are interested in, for Levan it was automotive, saying he “always had an interest in cars.”

Levan plans to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology in the fall for a degree in automotive. Fortunately, he already has Penn College credits for his advanced placement classes that he took through the high school – one more advantage of the CTE program.