Mr. Beard’s letter was a perfect example that people who know nothing about firearms, should not be setting policy or making laws concerning them. Virtually every statement he made was either an error, designed to purposely mislead, or inflammatory in order to demonize something he does not understand. It is ridiculous to state that any gun was purposely designed to commit mass murder what inflammatory rhetoric!

Next Mr. Beard uses the misnomer term “assault weapon.” The guns they refer to when using that term are actually semi-automatic, designed to fire one round with each pull of the trigger, despite misleading political ads showing pictures of fully automatic weapons. For example, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic civilian version of the M-16, or today’s M-4.

There are millions of semi-automatic firearms in use across the country for various forms of competition, hunting and self- defense.

As for background checks, we already have background checks in the form of the National Instant Check System (N.I.C.S.). Anyone buying a gun from a dealer must wait until they are cleared by phone by the NI.C.S. prior to leaving with the firearm. Of course, it would be better to include the mentally ill in the N.I.C.S. databanks to help prevent more tragic mass shootings. It would also be better if ex- or retired police, military personnel, or trained volunteers were present as security in our schools. It certainly would be more effective than “gun-free zone” signs.

When discussing semi-automatic firearms it inevitably comes around to high capacity magazines. Magazines can be changed in seconds, so it hardly matters how many rounds they hold. The whole idea of having a semi-automatic weapon is to have superior firepower over the bad guys! Do you honestly think they care about gun laws, ammunition bans, magazine capacity limitations, etc.?

We had 10 years of the Clinton Assault Weapons law and the Brady Bill with virtually no affect on crime rates. There was already an assault weapon ban in affect in Connecticut when the Newtown shooting occurred.

The cities with the most stringent gun control have the highest violent crime rates. Let’s enforce the laws already on the books that will work, instead of passing more useless “feel good” gun laws.

John Weeks

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom