Brodart site housing plan can meet many of the city’s needs

The Brodart warehouse site at Memorial Avenue and Oliver Street has been sitting vacant for a lot of years.

It’s a depressing look, to be honest.

But what if the future look at the site was attractive multi-family apartments, owner-occupied townhouses and two houses under the watch of the Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity?

What a positive transition that would be.

City Council shares the high hopes and has unanimously approved a developer’s agreement among Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity, P&L Investments of Washington, D.C., the prime developer, the city and the Williamsport Redevelopment Authority.

The developer still needs to obtain tax credits from the Pennsylvania Finance Housing Agency.

And the zoning change of the area from light manufacturing to residential/urban still needs approval from the city.

But if all the pieces can be put together, this is a hugely positive development for the city of Williamsport.

An unused warehouse becomes an attractive housing area in a city that sorely needs fresh housing opportunity.

And a sagging neighborhood gets a big boost.

Not many of these opportunities come along and the city would do well to do everything it can short of a financial role to make this happen.